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    Thai Responsible Tourism Association (TRTA) was formed by stakeholders from six different sectors involved in tourism: tour operators, accommodation providers, restaurants, tourist guides, local communities and academics. The group shares the belief that Responsible Tourism can have a positive impact for all stakeholders and by being responsible ans conscientious in using tourism resources help guarantee its future sustainability.


    Thai Responsible Tourism is tourism which does not have negative impacts to Thai social, culture, economy, and environment. It should have an advantage to the Thai Tourism Industry which includes development and building awareness together.


    • To encourage all tourism partners, both domestics and international, to work in cooperation towards achieving the common goal of truly responsible tourism (RT).
    • Promote, support and develop the concept of RT for the tourist industry worldwide.

    • Through human resources development put RT at the heart of the tourism industry.

    • Provide members with standardized RT training courses.

    • Advise and give ab academic perspective on Responsible Tourism and provide criteria by which RT practices can be measured.

    • Research into the effects of RT and gauge its impact.

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    How to apply TRTA membership.
    1. Download and fill the application.  
    2. Send filled application (PDF.) with required document to thairesponsibletourism@gmail.com 
    3. Yearly membership payment (TRTA team will send you the payment term by email)


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